Association of Labor Disabled Workers of Vojvodine

The Association of Labour Disabled Workers of Vojvodina was founded on 31 January 1964 and actively operates on the entire territory of Vojvodina, while its 32 member local organizations pursue set goals within the territories of individual municipalities.

The Association of Labour Disabled Workers of Vojvodina and its member local organizations implement various activities primarily aimed at bringing their members together in the joint implementation of activities, such as creative and art workshops, sports activities, education, traditional events, which enable them to express themselves in different ways, depending on their interests.

President of the Association, Stana Svilarov, has long been dedicated to humanitarian activities, striving to ensure best legal regulation of the disability insurance sphere that grants effective protection, and to improve the position of the labour-disabled.

By its actions in decades long operation, the Association of Labour Disabled Workers has been continuously contributing to the development and promotion of organizations of persons with disabilities and to the strengthening of cooperation with decision-makers and other partners. Through its representatives, it actively participates in the enhancement of relevant laws, strategies and plans at the provincial and national level.

Through various mechanisms and measures, the Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs – The Department for the Protection of Persons with Disabilities strives to contribute to still better participation, equal status and full inclusion of labour disabled workers in social life.

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