Deaf Union of Vojvodina

The Deaf Union of Vojvodina is a social-humanitarian organization that takes care of hearing-impaired people from their birth on, throughout their entire lives. In the course of history, the deaf were taking an active part in numerous movements and were equal participants in all social processes, thus the beginnings of the Union date back to 1946, when the inaugural meeting of the Commission of the Vojvodina Association of the Hearing Impaired was held.

Over time, actions in pursuit of the wellbeing of the deaf have intensified, expanded, taken new organizational forms, and also the work with the deaf has been intensified through various forms and activities.

In keeping with the new organizational structure of the public administration, also social organizations, including the Deaf Union as a whole, were reorganized, and thus on 8 November 1953, the inaugural meeting of the Provincial Board of the Vojvodina Deaf Union was held.

In this way, the entire territory of Vojvodina was covered by the Deaf Union basic organizations, which began taking over deaf care, have ensured increasing engagement of public administration bodies in resolving deaf issues, helped them in resolving individual problems and strived to raise the social protection of deaf community to a higher level.

Today, the office of the president of the Union is discharged by Srdjan Vladisavljevic, and with the support of the Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs – Department for the Protection of Persons with Disabilities, interpreting service is available and interpreters are engaged in all municipal and inter-municipal organizations on the territory of Vojvodina. Social networks and modern communication media enable deaf people to be better informed and take part in all spheres of social life.

Union members stood out the most in sports activities in which they achieved enviable results, winning numerous medals, trophies and making headlines. Hearing impaired people, in consequence of their sensory impairment, have exceptional talent for making handicrafts. Among the deaf there are also amateur painters, who communicate their unspoken words, emotions and silence on their paintings.

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