League for People with Disabilities

The League for People with Disabilities was founded on 8 October 2010 with a view of joining actions aimed at improving the living and working conditions of persons with disabilities in the Republic of Serbia.

The League’s scope of work comprises activities that may generally be classified into the following groups: organization of expert counselling centres (design for all, architecture, employment, education, social and health care, life skills, digital skills, psychosocial support, etc.), implementation of PWD workshops in various fields and organization of public events that send a message to the general public about the necessity of inclusion, respect for and acceptance of persons with disabilities as equal members of society.

The mission of the League for People with Disabilities is exercise and respect for human rights and equalization of PWD opportunities through the creation of conditions for inclusive formal and informal education, employment and the application of the social model approach to life and work of persons with disabilities.

The equal and active participation of persons with disabilities in the overall development of the community and the raising of social awareness of the rights, needs and potentials of persons with disabilities is what the League strives for in its daily activities.

League member Handi Centre Colosseum traditionally observes 3rd December, the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, by organizing various events under the slogan “For life without barriers”, and thereby, already 20 years, successfully promotes talented persons with disabilities who participate in the events as musicians, poets, athletes or artists.

With the activities they implement, the League and its members are actively engaged in improving the accessibility of public facilities, and also important is their engagement in organizing exhibitions in the field of design and protection of the rights of persons with disabilities, with which they participated in several different events.

The League and its members organize professional lectures and forums, creative and recreational activities aimed at strengthening the self-confidence and social skills of people with disabilities, as well as theatrical performances presented in cultural institutions.

League member Handi Centre Colosseum is the founder of the Belgrade International Film Festival for Any by Persons with Disabilities – BOSIFEST. BOSIFEST is an international film festival of people with disabilities, implemented since 2010, which promotes the life and work of people with disabilities.

The president of the League is Darko Ivic, who is also the director of BOSIFEST.

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