National Blind Sport Association

The National Blind Sports Association was founded on 29 October 2009 by seven sports and chess clubs of the blind and partially sighted from all over Serbia. The founding of the Association was a response to the newly arisen need to gather all blind and partially sighted athletes and recreationists in one organization, which is of general interest for the Republic of Serbia.

Blind and partially sighted people used to be, and still today, are mainly engaged in sport activities pertaining to sports branches and disciplines such as chess, bowling, swimming, athletics, goalball, judo, and since recently increasingly more in talking darts.

The Association and sports of the blind and partially sighted have been recognized by the Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs – the Department for the Protection of Persons with Disabilities, which provides special support to the Association and its member local organizations in their work.

From its foundation until today, the Association has organized major international competitions, and the blind and partially sighted national teams have won numerous medals.

The blind and partially sighted chess national team won a bronze medal at the 2021 Blind Chess Olympiad in Greece and thus, after thirty years, brought a medal to Serbia. This medal has a special significance considering the fact that 23 countries participated, including Russia, Poland, Ukraine and India, among others.

The blind and partially sighted bowling team won third place at the European Championship held in Croatia in 2021.

At the ninth world team championship of the blind and partially sighted in North Macedonia held in 2022, the chess national team of the blind and partially sighted won silver medal in the competition of 16 countries. In addition to silver medal, also bronze medals were won by Pavle Dimic on the first board and by Damjan Jandric on the second board, and a gold medal by Stefan Janjic on the third board. In the group stage of the competition national team won first place.

Today, the Association gathers over five hundred recreationists and athletes from 22 clubs and associations, and the president of the Association is Petar Vranjkovic.

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