“SUNFLOWER” Association for Cerebral Palsy and Polio of Vojvodina

“SUNFLOWER” – The Association of Cerebral Palsy and Polio of Vojvodina was founded in 1998 on the initiative of the Organisations of Cerebral Palsy and Polio from Kikinda, Novi Sad and Sombor, then operating in the territory of Vojvodina. The first president of the Association was Ljubomir Radovic, and today this office is discharged by Ruzica Garunovic. The Association comprises 11 organizations from the territory of Vojvodina, and has a total of 1,043 members.

Trainings and forums that have been organised for many years with the aim of finding solutions to numerous relevant issues for people affected by cerebral palsy and polio, as well as for their families, are of great importance for the members of the Association. By such trainings and forums, as well as provincial competitions that give opportunity to people with disabilities to express their talents, delivered with the support of the Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs – Department for the Protection of Persons with Disabilities, the Association fights against discrimination and strives to improve the visibility of disabled persons in society.

Under the auspices of the Ministry and its related Department, the Association has been publishing the “SUNCOKRET” (Sunflower) magazine since 2007. In addition to its information-providing and educational character, the importance of this biannual magazine is also reflected in the activation of people affected by cerebral palsy and polio to contribute to the production of the magazine. In order to provide access to the magazine to as many users as possible, in addition to the printed edition, it is also published electronically on the websites and

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