Union of Amputee Associations of Serbia

The creation of the Union was initiated by the local organizations Feniks-plus-Becej (Phoenix-Plus-Becej) and DIP-S Kikinda in 2009, and the inaugural meeting was attended by 12 local organizations.

The president of the Union is Stevan Markov.

Union’s main goal is to protect and improve the social and economic position of amputees in Serbia.

The main tasks of the Union are to start initiatives and take measures with competent authorities, organizations and institutions aimed at providing for the best and most adequate protection of people with amputated limbs in their efforts to be equal with other citizens in society.

In addition to the above, the Union strives to develop cooperation with other organizations of persons with disabilities in the Republic of Serbia in order to exchange experiences or undertake joint actions.

Systematic and continuous monitoring of the material and social situation of people with amputated limbs is also one of the tasks of the Union, and accordingly it aims to launch the initiative for the development of amputee support services.

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