Union of Associations of Kidney Patients of Vojvodina

The inaugural meeting of the Association of Dialysis, Kidney Transplant and Chronic Kidney Disease Patients of Vojvodina was held on 9 June 1985, as the first form of association of kidney patients on the territory of Vojvodina.

Today, the Union of Associations of Kidney Patients of Vojvodina gathers associations whose number has increased over time, and the main area of its ​​activity is related to local organizations’ association and joint action. Union’s activities are focused on health, social and legal protection, education, training and cultural work. Currently, the Union gathers 7 local associations, and its president is Radoslav Jovicic.

In its work over the years, the Union put an emphasis on provision of information and training of members, thus in the printed edition of its “Nephro” newsletter it treats the most important topics in the fields related to haemodialysis, and at the same time presents the work of local associations.

In addition to the newsletter that provides readers with quality information, with the support of expert associates, the Union has also compiled numerous other important printed publications, such as books, bulletins and brochures that treat topics of great importance for all new dialysis patients, as well as for those who would want to get to know something more.

As part of the program “Small School of Dialysis”, which is available on the Union’s YouTube channel, important hemodialysis related topics are also covered, which enables provision of information to a wide range of Internet users. An equally important activity of the Union is the organization of workshops that enable the activation of members and their inclusion in social life.

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