Union of Diabetes Associations of Serbia

Union of Diabetes Associations of Serbia was founded in October 2005 aiming to provide support to people with diabetes and improve their quality of life through the implementation of various activities.

The President of the Association is Dr. Bratislav Milovanovic. The Union brings together 21 local organizations, which all strive jointly to improve the lives of people living with diabetes through the improvement of health, social and other forms of protection.

Bearing in mind that one of the priorities of the Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs is to improve the quality of life of persons with disabilities, the Ministry and the Department for the Protection of Persons with Disabilities continuously supports the work of the Association and its local organizations.

The incidence of diabetes among children is on the rise, and therefore the need for education and psychosocial support on how to live well with diabetes is greater. In keeping with this, already 13 years in a row, the Association has been organizing a camp for children and youth, aged 10 to 18, from all over Serbia, and so far about 1,100 participants have gone through the camp.

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