Wheelchair Basketball Federation of Serbia

Wheelchair Basketball Federation of Serbia was founded on 21 July 2004 as a federation of wheelchair basketball clubs of Serbia to provide for organized engagement in basketball sports activities and meet special and common interests and needs in the field of wheelchair basketball.

The Federation was founded by the association of seven clubs, and now it has four clubs in its composition. The Federation is a national branch sports association, with exclusive competence to organize and regulate wheelchair basketball for men and women in the Republic of Serbia.

In the implementation of the set goals and tasks and carrying out sports related activities, the Federation independently regulates its internal organization and work, adopts and implements sports development programs, participates in sports competitions, organizes sports competitions and implements other objectives and tasks, in accordance with its bylaws.

By associating and acting in wheelchair basketball clubs and associations, players, coaches, referees and other basketball workers implement common objectives and tasks related to the development of wheelchair basketball, in accordance with the basic principles they have endorsed and accepted by their personal declarations or through their representatives in the appropriate forums.

The aim of the Federation is to contribute, by its activities, to the development, recognition and promotion of wheelchair basketball in the Republic of Serbia as a sport important for the inclusion of people with disabilities; provide conditions for the development and improvement of top sports results in wheelchair basketball, at all levels of competition, both in the country and abroad; promote sport educational function, fair play, understanding, tolerance and responsibility through engagement in wheelchair basketball and sport activities in general, and perform sports individual and general activity in accordance with the Law on Sports, sports rules of the Federation, and the Statute.

One of the greatest successes of the Federation is the silver medal won at the European Championship Division C in 2019 in Sofia. In 2021, Serbian national team participated for the first time in the European Championship Division B and took 7th place, while in 2022 the European Championship Division B and C was organized in Sarajevo, where the national team was eliminated from the Division B and won the gold medal as the champion of the Division C.

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